An introduction to Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Hello and welcome to a new, semi regular blog that will be delving into the world of airsoft and how some low level military tactics can help ensure you walk away from any contact in the field. So, what makes me qualified to talk to you about TTP’s, how and when to implement them; and how to react to any and all situations? Well, I’ve just retired from a successful career in the military, specialising in Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Long Range Patrol. Deploying to many places and implementing them in real world situations.

Now, I have no doubt that many of you are already utilising these TTP’s; and successfully at that! I’m not here to teach any of you to suck eggs but I am hoping that most of you will pick up a little something here and there to further your abilities on the battlefield.

So, the big question is what will I be covering in the coming weeks? I’m going to be delving into squad and individual TTP’s; if you’re a part of a close knit team or a dedicated lone wolf then I’ll be doing my best to highlight the strengths and how to further them, weaknesses and how to mitigate them. I’ll also be taking a look into offensive and defensive tactics in both urban and rural applications. Ambushes, and possibly more importantly, how to fight through and turn an enemies advantage into a disadvantage. Communications, radios and your MK1 voice box – pros and cons. Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Close Quarter Marksmanship (CQM) – looking at weapons and gear to help you in these situations, no matter your preferred battlefield specialism. I’ll be taking a look into these specialisms, providing some insight and tactics to help you (and your team) get the most out of each specialism, especially highlighting some key differences between similar roles; one that immediately springs to mind  is the difference between snipers and sharpshooters.

I hope that you are looking forward to learning a few new things as much as I’m looking forward to teaching them!

Loki. Out.


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