Speed, aggression and a level head…

Any contact with an enemy will be won by the side that uses these three qualities to the greatest effect. Speed. Aggression. A level head. These principles apply to man on man combat, squad against squad or entire teams pitted against one another.

So, under these three principles resides several (hundred) books worth of tactics, techniques and procedures. In the following weeks and months I only ask you to bear these three things in mind whenever we discuss new TTP’s. You will all be pleased to know that I won’t be getting anywhere near several books worth… well, in one sitting anyway, maybe in it’s entirety we will be able to fill a few!

I want to give you guys a bit of an insight into some of the TTP’s that I will be discussing, things that I have used in real world situations and then applied to this hobby. Most of them have led to battle success; some have not, although that’s more than likely due to a mistake on my part (usually compounded by not keeping a level head) Before I start working through the (non-exhaustive) list below; next week, I will be talking about the importance of choosing your battlefield role and what parts you can best play in a squad or team – remember always play to your strengths while exploiting an enemies weakness! This is key and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stress how important this is; I so often see snipers playing close support or a CQB specialist attempting to snipe the enemy with his PDW. I will never call somebody out on this at a game (it’s their game too after all), however with a little education these players can both strengthen their teams effectiveness and have a whole lot more fun while doing so!

With further ado, here is exactly what we will be covering:

  1. Recce by Fire
  2. Close Target Recce
  3. Reconnaissance
  4. Force Concentration
  5.  Individual Movement Techniques and Immediate Action Drills
    1. Fire and Movement (“Leapfrogging”)
    2. Basic Drill (RTR – don’t worry, all will be revealed!)
    3. Immediate Ambush Drill
    4. Counter Ambush Drill
    5. Shoot and Scoot
    6. Infiltration and Exfiltration
    7. Marching Fire (“The Four Fs”)
  6. Patrolling
    1. Recce Patrol
    2. Fighting Patrol
    3. Standing Patrol
  7. Ambush
    1. Linear Ambush
    2. “L” Ambush
    3. Area Ambush
  8. Guerrilla Tactics
  9. Planned Attacks
    1. Base of Fire
    2. Encirclement
    3. Hammer and Anvil
    4. Inverted Wedge
    5. Frontal Assault
    6. Refused Flank
    7. Pincer
  10. Urban Assaults and Defence
  11. Rural Assaults and Defence
  12. Pre-Planned Ambush
  13. Counter Attack Breakout
  14. Fortifications
    1. Revetting
    2. Sangars
    3. Shell Scrapes
    4. Foxholes
    5. Manholes
    6. Spider Holes
  15. Use and Improvement of Terrain

I think that just about covers it for this week, so I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for the coming posts – and if there is anything I have missed, or that you guys would like to see on here then please leave a comment and I will do my level best to get it in!

Loki. Out.


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